Weekly round-up: Lay of the land

Issue #45

Hey Podheads, a pretty short edition this week.


The awesome folk at RadioPublic want to make life easier for podcasters who want to offer premium content. Even though there are services like Patreon, Supporting Cast by Slate, and most recently Glow.fm, this involves maintaining two separate feeds and isn’t cross-platform.

PodPass aims to make this simple and seamless, across platforms

PodPass is a simple protocol that uses RSS and HTML to enable both existing and new identity-based interactions for podcasting across platforms.

Here’s a post by Jake Shapiro explaining the protocol and here’s a Twitter thread of Chris Roden, CTO RadioPublic with some more context

Hi network

Himalaya, the podcasting platform which raised $100 million last year is spinning out a podcast network called HiSudios. The new network will focus on developing shows with influences and short shows.

Ultimately, [influencers have] just really rabid fan bases,” Peter Vincer, HiStudios CEO, tells me. “It’s easy to grow an audience, and it’s easy to monetize those, as well, because they tend to be lightning rods when you’re talking with big ad agencies or otherwise because they’re looking for attention.”

The network has already signed James Harden, Mike Tyson and will be working with Studio71, the talent agency. Here’s a write up by Ashely Carman with more details.

Newer shores

A couple of weeks ago, Wondery had announced plans to launch multi-lingual versions of its podcasts now. Last week, the network launched hit podcast ‘Dr.Death’ in seven languages.

Spotify watch

Spotify for Podcasters is now out of beta. Podcasters now access a rich seam of data on demographics, location, and listening times.

Also read: Spotify’s pitch to podcasters: valuable listener data

BBC watch

BBC has pulled it’s radio streams from TuneIn, but podcasts will remain unaffected for now. Most recently BBC had blocked its podcasts from being shown on Google Podcasts because it wasn’t getting enough listener data from Google.

When we make our programmes available via third parties, we ask that those platforms either allow you to sign into your BBC account – or provide us with meaningful data directly. Unfortunately, TuneIn doesn’t do either of these, so we couldn’t reach a data sharing agreement with them.

Podcasts to TV

The podcasts to TV trend seems to be taking root in Canada. Five podcasts from CBC - Canada’s public broadcaster are getting the TV treatment.

CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster, today announced its first-ever development slate of podcast-to-television series that will see five popular, original CBC Podcasts adapted for the screen. These initial projects include: David Ridgen’s SOMEONE KNOWS SOMETHING (First Generation Films, scripted); UNCOVER: THE VILLAGE (Noble Television, documentary); PERSONAL BEST (3Arts Entertainment, unscripted); TAI ASKS WHY (Irwin Entertainment, unscripted); and, ALONE: A LOVE STORY (Sienna Films, scripted). The announcement was made at Podcast Movement 2019 in Orlando, Florida, the largest podcast gathering in the world.

Voices from India

Here’s last week’s edition of Voices from India.


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