Voices from India

Issue #8

Here’s issue #8 of Voices by Saif Omar.

International podcast day round-up

As podcasters around the world celebrated International podcast day on Sept 30th, the communities in Bangalore (hosted by O2Pod Collective) and Hyderabad (hosted by Suno India) got together to network and share ideas about their journeys. Here are some pictures from the events.

O2Pod Collective also represented India on the International Podcast Day online event hosted by Dave Lee. The founders of the collective spoke about podcast community building in India.

More Awards

Aawaz.com won the 'Best Vernacular/Local-Language Content on Radio/Podcast' at the Indian Content Leadership awards 2019 #ICL2019. Check out the other winners in the audio category here. Kudos team.

Asia Podcast Awards has shortlisted its finalists for different categories, and several Indian podcasts have made it to the list. Go on and vote for your favourite podcasts here.

Best Business podcast

Shunya One by IVM Podcasts
Paisa Vaisa by IVM Podcasts

Best Technology podcast

Tech Careers in the New by IVM Podcasts in partnership with Accenture.

Best education podcast

Let's talk about, by Newslaundry

Best entertainment podcast

Varta Lab by IVM Podcasts

Asia's best podcast

The Awful and Awesome Entertainment wrap by Newslaundry
The Inspiring Talk by Bijay Gautam

The winners will be announced on November 9th.

Indian podcast coverage

Radhika Sen of Mashable India published a piece on the popularity of podcasts among millennials. Radhika also listed her favourite podcasts which include the critically acclaimed Indian Noir and the popular Film Companion by critic Anupama Chopra.

Business Today wrote about the rise of local content podcasts. The piece features inputs from the usual suspects - IVM podcasts, Aawaz.com, and Hubhopper.

Another opinion piece about India's podcasting landscape on the Economic times by Sreeraman Thiagarajan, founder of Aawaz.com. Sreeraman talks about the power of audio and how perhaps the Indian Prime Minister's audio address, Mann ki Baat, is also an example of a podcast.

Money Control also chips in with a piece about how podcasts are gaining momentum in India. The article features snippets from Amit Doshi, founder of IVM podcasts.

Founders of IVM speak to LiveMint about podcasts being a single sense experience, the role of a network like IVM in growing the medium, and what the future holds for the medium in India.

New shows

Pursuit of wellness, the podcast and video series hosted by Kabir Uppal that features experts and enthusiasts from the Fitness, Nutrition and Health space is back for season 2.

Podcast MD by Ketto, hosted by Bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor, speaks to patients and caregivers affected by deadly diseases to understand everything from the medical aspect of dealing with doctors and hospitals to the emotional element and being able to cope with it all. Bravo team!

Use case, a show about the startup world in India. Learn from some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs, investors, and CXOs in India.

Ishq bhi Risk bhi, is a byte-sized sponsored Hindi podcast by Aawaz.com for Tata Mutual Fund.


Woman power in podcasting

Cosmopolitan India features Chuski Pop, Maed In India, Culture Chaos, and Three Token Brown Girls, the amazing female-led podcasts from India. Kudos superwomen!

When I was 13 - The very innovative time travel podcast by teenager Aarushi Gupta is featured on CurryUp podcast, hosted by Priyanka Komala as well as the seasoned journalist Usha Raman's blog. Go champ!

The popular history podcast Echoes of India by Anirudh Kanisetti is featured in The Hindu. The podcast that explores 700 years of Indian history from the invasion of Alexander to the Gupta Empire. The interview delves into the backstory of the podcast and some interesting insights into the upcoming season.

IVM's brand new show, Feeding 10 billion, hosted by Varun Deshpande and Ramya Ramamurthy of the US-based Good Food Institute’s (GFI) India chapter, is featured in The Hindu. The hosts talk about how podcast as a medium has been ideal for in-depth conversations for such crucial topics.

Podcast Merch

Looking for your favourite podcast's merchandise online? Maed in India, the popular indie music podcast, also rated as one of India's top podcasts by iTunes for 2018, now offers Maed in India merch, and it is uber-cool! Check it out and order yours here!